Website live whats next

Website live what’s next?

So you’ve spent weeks or months writing fantastic we content, worked with a web designer to get the job done, checked content and given the green light to get your website live whats next?

There is a popular misconception that the moment you’re site becomes ‘live’ on the web, the whole world is watching! This couldn’t be further from the truth, web sites need to be listed by popular search engines such as google or bing, once they are listed, the clock starts to tick and your site starts to build history for itself.

Many websites may stall and build small amounts of web traffic, but truthfully this could be numbers as low as a couple of visitors per week! Without asking yourself ‘what’s next?’ Your web site could be the most beautiful piece of design and carefully crafted copy that is never seen. Intervention after your golive date is a necessity, site needs to be added to search engine crawl list, a site map presented in a digestible format as a short cut for google or bing is also helpful.

Work with your developer and get regular audits of your site, there are many items within a web site that search engines are looking for that you may not be aware of.
Keywords, meta, alt tags and word volume are all basic elements that can ensure, if correctly and honestly created that search engines are presented with an accurate summary of relevant content to make it easier for your prospective clients to find what they are looking for.

If you have a strong social media following, ensure that this forms a cornerstone of your websites content and encourage interaction by using social share tools, if your site is written in WordPress, there are a wealth of tools available to bring social feeds into your site, or export site content out.

website live whats next – original content written by Chris Walker.