1 day ago
It’s never to early to get your Christmas cards and help a great cause!! @OPA_UK #ChristmasIsComing #oesophagealcancer #christmasgiving
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By popular demand OPA Christmas cards- support @OPA_UK #oesophagealcancer #christmasgiving when they’re gone, they’re gone!
7 days ago
Got our copy! Thanks Saf and team - Will definitely review for you! A must read.... @SafarazAli #CannyBites #businessbooks
2 weeks ago
Well done team OPA for all your hard work @OPA_UK website looks great! Now it’s so much easier to #give to #charity and get support when you need it from the dedicated office team! #oesophagealcancer #fionawadeappeal expressivetweet photo
2 weeks ago
Well done Ray! @T1LOM for supporting a cause so close to Fionas heart! #fionawadeappeal @OPA_UK are doing incredible work and need so much support👍
2 weeks ago
WARNING- look out for phishing emails there is an increase from sources using a severely threatening nature. Entitled ‘Dear Victim’ #phish #spam the threat looks credible and Is threatening to hack your phone - demanding large amounts of bitcoin. Beware! Delete immediately.



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