4 months ago
If you have #stress @urban_dynamic are highly recommended for #massagetherapy - get in quickly before the festive season!
4 months ago
Thanks for tweeting @BhavnaLimbachia & @FionaWade_ every tweet helps such a worthwhile cause donate at and call to get your Fiona Wade bracelet!! #wearingmine supporting #FionaWadeAppeal @OPA_UK #oesophagealcancer
5 months ago
#wearingmine @OPA_UK #fionawade appeal- not just for the wrist 👍 donate just £2 to get involved
5 months ago
#wearingmine supporting @OPA_UK & @FionaWade_ appeal against #oesophagealcancer get your #fionawade appeal wristband by calling 0121 704 9860 & donating! And thanks to @FionaWade_ & @HordleyJeff for support👍 expressivetweet photo



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