Spectrum Fire Protection Website

Spectrum Fire Protection Website

Spectrum Fire Protection are a Walsall based company, specialising in fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems and life safety systems, expressive design have been working with Spectrum ever since we were brought in to rebrand. The online presence of Spectrum was a key element of their client facing strategy, including literature and vehicle graphics.

With the original Spectrum website outdated and insecure, the site had been hacked on a number of occcasions and the domain had been blacklisted, our first job was to take control of the previous site and address any security issues potentially blocking access to the web site, prior to any new development work.

With the site secure, expressive design put together a plan for production, with recommendations for site content so the team at Spectrum could identify online markets, to use the site as an effective marketing tool, instead of merely a bullet pointed list of services, together with a website content management system so that marketing personnel could also update web site content and add in new project case studies once completed.

Website Security

We also implemented a number of security features within the new Spectrum website to alert the web site admin of any suspicious activity, before any web site hacks or damage to the sites online reputation. Once alerted, the site admin  could then escalate any activities needed to protect the site.

Site Optimisation and Monitoring

Once the site is built, we use an online metrics system called exmetrics to monitor the sites effectiveness, competitor analysis and recommendations for ongoing SEO activities, both on page and off page. With Google algorythms changing on a regular basis it is important to ensure that all of the elements comply with guidance for good SEO set out by Google, Bing and many other search engines.

You can visit the live website for Spectrum here