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Consistent design helps with brand recognition and loyalty, more important than ever for online offerings, good web design and consideration for the details can make a big difference. With design in ‘easy to understand’ stages and a process to get web sites coded and live.

The problem is, not all designers can design for web. Web content is in no way linear, with multiple ways to navigate and choose your own path through the content until you find the information you need. Design is also considered for mobile navigation with site visits on mobile outstripping desktop site visits in many cases.

For an educated buyer, it’s easy to find a web company to follow clear instructions and deliver a site as requested. But not all buyers or clients are as well educated and can soon get bogged down with technical terminology and spiralling costs from providers looking to maximise from trusting clients.

Expressive design look to educate as we go, with clear explanations, processes and an honest approach with help and guidance always available. An educated client is much more in control and can see the benefits of many online solutions, with reporting and KPI’s available from industry standard sources.






Web design

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