logo design and corporate identity

logo design corporate identity

[row]logo design and corporate identitylogo design corporate identity[/row] [row]

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[/row][sm_hr] [span5]Corporate identity can say a lot about your business, use of font, symbol and style are all factors that must be considered for any new logo. Expressive design have branded small and large companies from the ground up with identity that reflects the business activity and aspirations.

Impression is highly important, a slick logo & brand can give the best first impression, followed up with the right implementation and consistent rationale.

Sixteen years of industry experience has given our team extensive knowledge on brand, market, competitor analysis and focus.[/span5] [span1] [/span1] [span5]Corporate logos, full identities incorporating brand guidelines and instructions for use by suppliers and partners. Complete corporate roll out of new identities across multiple locations and fleets, as well as involvement in company ethos, reception design and uniforms; the possibilities are endless.

Working with clients to achieve the complete corporate picture is led by initial logo design and budgets, set out in a coherent and harmonious plan, together with a planned implementation as well as a well researched market.[/span5] [row][span5]   [/span5][span5][button text=”browse our portfolio” link=”https://www.expressivedesign.co.uk/portfolio/#” style=”default” size=”normal” target=”_self” display=”inline” icon=”pencil”][/span5][/row]






logo design corporate identity

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